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I suffered with severe back pain for years and after several surgeries, I was still in a lot of pain.  Factor 5 took the pain away fast, and I no longer needed my medication!

RUBY, Texas 



I have used many products over the years for joint pain and arthritis in my hands.  None of them really worked very well.  I decided to try Factor 5, and have been very pleased with the results.  My joint pains have gone away, and the pain in my hands in minimal at this time.  If I don’t take the Factor 5, I can tell the different as I start to creak when I walk and my hands really ache.  I can safely say that this is a great product that has helped me to be able to function much better on a daily basis.

GUY KEITH, California


 Severe pain and gout made it difficult to get around.  The factor 5 works fast and without this product I stiffen up like a board.  I have been pain free for over a year!


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