Insuleen Glucose Stabilizer

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Subject to the condition that most diets are filled with hidden sugars, we have created Insuleen to help regulate blood sugar levels by kick-starting the pancreas to increase insulin production and help carry glucose to our cells for more energy and potential weight loss.

In order to improve the effectiveness of Insueen, we recommend you take it on a consistent basis along with a balanced diet.

INSULEEN Ingredients:


  • This mineral helps to alert the pancreas to release insulin so that it can carry the sugar to our cells and out of the bloodstream for energy, which helps fight against sluggishness or lack of energy. 


  • A very important trace mineral to heal wounds, support our immune system, reproduction, growth, taste, vision, blood clotting and proper insulin and thyroid function.  

White Kidney Bean Extract 

  • Is known to promote weight loss and is thought as a “starch blocker” by inhibiting the starch digesting enzymes that turns the starch into absorbable sugar, thus allowing it to pass through your system which can support weight loss and reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes. 

 Gymnema Extract

  • Is known to help you control your blood sugar levels after meals. In recent studies, researches determined the cells of the pancreas may have been repaired or regenerated and increased levels of insulin were reported.


  • Studies suggest vanadium may lower blood sugar levels and improve sensitivity to insulin in people with “insulin resistance.” It may also support bone growth and help to reduce cholesterol levels. 


Added Benefits

  • Aids optimum pancreatic function to increase insulin production
  • Assists in the reduction of blood sugar levels improving your energy daily
  • May reduce the absorption of starches resulting in weight loss


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