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Blood Sugar 

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Feeling Sluggish?

Every time we eat, our bodies release a hormone called insulin. Insulin originates in our pancreas and plays a part in supplying our body with glucose, something our cells require in order to function.

Diabetes or Insulin Resistance can develop from excess body fat, lack of exercise and even skipping on sleep which can cause your pancreas to slow down its ability to create insulin. Once this happens our blood sugar rises and we may develop prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Insuleen Ingredients

Consumption of added sugars have been implicated in increased risk of a variety of chronic diseases and provides a perfect acidic environment for those diseases to thrive.

With the help of our all-natural formula of Chromium, Zinc, White Kidney Bean, Gymnema Sylvester and Vanadyl Sulfate, INSULEEN aids in healthier blood sugar naturally.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Being diabetic, I was on 48 units of Insulin per day. After some months on Insuleen, I am now down to using only 32 units of Insulin. I also feel much better.


In October our daughter at 190 pounds was in need of help. Tests showed problems with the Liver, Thyroid and Blood Sugar. We put her on Insuleen along with Liver and Thyroid supplements. Now in June she has lost 37 pounds and looks and feels so much better.


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Get Healthier Blood Sugar Naturally With Insuleen

Subject to the condition that most diets are filled with hidden sugars, we have created INSULEEN to help regulate blood sugar levels by kick starting the pancreas to increase insulin and help carry glucose to our cells for energy with five all-natural and effective ingredients.

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