The Blood Sugar Crash

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How To Avoid The Blood Sugar Crash

Are you still feeling sluggish after each meal causing you to experience that mid-day crash? Or are you able to be good all day until you get home from work and then find yourself going through the cupboards because you’re starving! 

If so, we understand how you feel and you’re not alone. It’s likely that you are taking a ride on the blood sugar roller coaster, causing your extreme cravings and lack of energy get the best of you. 

What is the blood sugar roller coaster? 

We like to think of the blood sugar roller coaster as the spikes in blood sugar after you eat followed by a dip shortly after leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. Here’s the breakdown on your blood sugar and why you should learn how to keep it balanced (even if you don’t have diabetes). 

When we consume any type of carbohydrates, they break down into sugar in the body. That’s right! I’m not just talking about pizza, pasta, pastries, and cake – ALL sources of carbohydrates break down into sugar. Fruit, dairy, beans, corn, rice, oats and potatoes do too! 

So, when you consume carbs, it causes your blood sugar to rise. In response to an increase in blood sugar our pancreas releases insulin. Now insulin’s job is to move all the sugar into our cells so that it can be used for energy. 

However, if we eat a lot of carbs all at once we will experience a rapid increase in our blood sugar which will signal a lot of insulin to be released throughout our body. And as you know, what goes up must come down! 

Just as quickly as our blood sugar spiked, we experience a dip after insulin moved all of the sugar out of the blood and into your cells. It is in this low blood sugar state where you may feel: 

  • Irritable 
  • Have intense cravings 
  • Feel a little shaky
  • Have difficulty focusing 
  • Or feel anxious

What’s the logical thing to do when you feel that away? You eat again! And continue the crazy blood sugar roller coaster ride. Let’s stop the blood sugar crash by learning how to balance your blood sugar. 

How to balance your blood sugar 


When it comes to balancing your blood sugar we recommend you balance out your meals by having adequate amounts of proteins, healthy fats and by taking our INSULEEN (more on that in just a moment).

Protein and fats don’t break down into the body as sugar. We digest protein and fat much slower than carbs that acts as a buffer when eaten with carbs. Strategically pairing your carbs with proteins and fat in the same meal will help you to create a more balance rise and fall in blood sugar. 


Insuleen Bottle

On top of eating a well-balanced meal we suggest one of our best-selling products called INSULEEN! 

INSULEEN was created with the understanding that most diets are filled with hidden sugars and consumptions of those added sugars creates a perfect environment for diseases to thrive. 

INSULEEN is here to help regulate blood sugar levels by kick starting the pancreas to increase insulin and help carry glucose to our cells for energy with five all-natural and effective ingredients. 

Each ingredient was formulated so that you can begin to experience the benefits of INSULEEN which include.

Aids in Weight Loss 

Healthy Energy Levels 

Supports optimal pancreatic function 

Reduces Fatigue 

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels 

Try our INSULEEN today so that you too can begin to experience less extreme spikes and dips throughout your day!

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