Man with back pain

Who Knew Summer Was Back Pain Season?

So, you say to your neighbor: “Can you believe it? I was gardening last night and pulled my back out again! That’s the second time this summer.” Or maybe you’re at the breakfast table with your partner and you mention how your lower back from lifting heavy mulch bags is still causing you problems from doing yard work last week.

Well, recent stats prove you are not alone. According to one study, nearly 50 million Americans – or 30 percent of the population – have chronic or severe pain. Stiff muscles are not just from the cold weather. In fact chronic pain is known to increase during the summer months because we cannot wait to enjoy the nice weather and garden, go on family vacations, do sports activities etc. It seems the more we do, the more aches, pains and stiffness we deal with.

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Four leading causes of back pain in the summer:
  1. Lifting heavy items (yard work or outside renovations)
  2. Continual bending (pulling weeds, planting flowers)
  3. Long distance travel (vacations)
  4. Outdoor exercise (nature walks, running, bicycling, etc.)

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