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Self-love is a big topic these days. Everyone is all about taking a step back to love themselves just a little more. But while there are many out there who are taking time to love themselves just a little bit more there are also many out there who have no idea where to begin.

If you are someone who is looking to learn how to love yourself a little bit more, stay with us as we give you 3 ways to love yourself just a little bit more!

Self-love includes all aspects of who you are – the happy, the sad, the noble acts, the moment of regret, the inner peace, the outer mayhem, the peaceful present, the difficult past and the unknown future.

And it’s through mindfulness (the awareness that arises when we direct our attention on purpose toward our inner experience, toward others, and toward the world around us.) skills give you the ability to embrace all of it with an honest and open heart.

Loving yourself begins with the orientation of your mind. In other words, it all begins within. Ann Weiser Cornell, a well renown expert in the mindfulness practice of focusing, describes the qualities of friendship that we can give to ourselves.

When you start to cultivate deeper loving awareness, you become more present of the ways you care for yourself and of what you’re neglecting

1.Prime yourself every morning before you get out of bed.

Priming is a great mental tool anyone has the ability to use at any time. It helps you feel the love that is already within. You can begin to prime your mind and heart to love yourself every morning before you get out of bed by sending yourself good wishes right when you wake up  with self-directed loving and kind thoughts. Think about all the good you do and all the good you are. Think about sending blessing to yourself and call to mind those who love you and imagine that they are sending you well wishes too.

2. Set the intention to treat yourself with love.

You cannot be unless you intend to be. It all begins with the intention to water the seeds of choice for positive inner growth. Go with love rather hate, hurt, sabotaging, hurting, punishing or overindulging yourself. Set the intention to be joyful, loving, open, kind, compassionate, honest, and respectful. Once you set your intention spend some time to paint the picture of what each of your intentions would look like. For example, if you set the intention to be more loving today, what would that look like to you.

3. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself.

When you notice that you are judging, blaming, or scolding, stop and take a breath. When you feel anything besides joy. Take a moment to breath. Reenter yourself. You are not in a state of loving presence. Let go of resisting the situation and talk to yourself as you would a good friend or a lover.

Take some time today to enjoy you. Love you for you. There is only one of you and scientist now estimate the probability of you being born is at about one in 400 trillion chance. Think about that. You are already a miracle. You have so much to love. Just take some time to sit back, relax and find some things you do enjoy about you!

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